Stars Without A Name by Nathan Arnold

Stars Without A Name storyline

Alex, Lassiter and Brukk all looked up at the same time when they heard the roar of the two low flying Fighters that buzzed their positions. It was immediately followed by an attack Jetcopter that hovered above. Military vehicles and soldiers began to drop down from airborne supply and troop carriers on all the hillsides. The first thought that came into the two adversaries minds was that the other had brought in air and ground support and they were about to be overrun. That thought stopped when a loudspeaker from the ‘copter’ began its announcement. “ATTENTION COMBATANTS. YOU ARE ILLEGALLY WAGING ARMED CONFLICT. LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS. PLACE HANDS ON TOP OF HEAD AND COME INTO THE OPEN. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN AIR AND GROUND STRIKES ON ALL, I REPEAT, ON ALL YOUR POSITIONS. WE HAVE SEVERAL HUNDRED HELLPOINT TROOPS ON EACH OF YOUR FLANKS. IF EITHER GROUP FIRES ON THE OTHER OR ON OUR TROOPS WE WILL TAKE OUT YOUR ENTIRE POSITION. ACKNOWLEDGE BY THE LEADERS OF THE TWO GROUPS COMING INTO THE OPEN AND NO ONE WILL BE HARMED. YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES TO COMPLY OR FIRING WILL COMMENCE.”

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